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Published: Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Please sponsor a child and help support SUTCHI to make lasting improvements to children's lives.

As a sponsor, you'll get regular updates about our work in the community where the child you sponsor lives. You will also enjoy a unique cultural exchange, by writing and receiving letters.


You can be a part of our work by volunteering your time and skills for instance to mentor or counsel struggling children.

We also welcome local and international students who would like to champion social change while doing their internships.


Please sponsor a school and help improve the learning environment of hundreds of Children in Uganda. So many children attend class in delipidated structures that pose a safety hazzard to their lives. Through your support, we can continue to improve school structures, provide desks, play structures, books and so much more


Raise you profile as a caring global citizen, partner with Support to Children and send a clear message of corporate social responsibility to your customers, shareholder, and employees. Your company can raise its profile and make a difference for African children and families in need. You and your company can participate in a variety of ways such as product donations, payroll deductions, employer matches, among others.


Please help us support these Children through a one time or recurring donation through the paypal secure portal.

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